David Abel


Artificial Intelligence & Society

One Summer at Brown I designed and taught a course on Artificial Intelligence & Society through Brown's STEM II Summer program. The course explored the central ideas of AI and the anticipated societal impacts of AI and automation.

CS8: A First Byte of Computer Science

CS8 logo

CS8 presents a broad study of the big ideas of computer science, emphasizing the field's relevance to society and to other academic disciplines; it serves as an introductory CS course aimed at non-concentrators here at Brown. The course was designed by Prof. Michael Littman.

I taught CS8 at Brown during my PhD with an excellent group of TAs. All slides from the course are available below (as pdfs):


Talk at RLDM on our reward work

Honored to have won a teaching award at Brown!

I gave an invited talk at MSR Redmond on abstraction in reinforcement learning.

I gave an invited talk at the meta-learning workshop at Neurips 2019.

In 2017, I gave a TED style talk through Brown Research Matters called How Artificial Intelligence Should Model The World.

My python tutorial can be found here.

Had a lovely chat with Colin Andrews through Somebody Call a Doctor to discuss AI, RL, and beyond (listen on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play)