David Abel

Conference Papers

State Abstractions for Lifelong Reinforcement Learning. Appendix. BibTex
David Abel, Dilip Arumugam, Lucas Lehnert, Michael L. Littman.
ICML 2018.

Policy and Value Transfer in Lifelong Reinforcement Learning. Appendix. BibTex
David Abel*, Yuu Jinnai*, Yue Guo, George Konidaris, Michael L. Littman.
ICML 2018.

Bandit-Based Solar Panel Control. BibTex
David Abel, Edward C. Williams, Stephen Brawner, Emily Reif, Michael L. Littman.
IAAI 2018. (Early versions from RLDM 2017 and EnviroInfo 2017).

Near Optimal Behavior via Approximate State Abstraction. BibTex
David Abel*, D Ellis Hershkowitz*, Michael L. Littman.
ICML 2016. (Extended version on arXiv).

Goal Based Action Priors. BibTex
David Abel, D Ellis Hershkowitz, Gabriel Barth-Maron, Stephen Brawner, Kevin O'Farrell, James MacGlashan, Stefanie Tellex.
ICAPS 2015.

Workshops, Symposia, and Extended Abstracts

Toward Good Abstractions for Lifelong Learning. BibTex
David Abel, Dilip Arumugam, Lucas Lehnert, Michael L. Littman.
NIPS Workshop on Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning, 2017.

Agent-Agnostic Human-In-The-Loop Reinforcement Learning. BibTex
David Abel, John Salvatier, Andreas Stuhlmüller, Owain Evans.
NIPS Workshop on The Future of Interactive Learning Machines, 2016. arXiv version.

Exploratory Gradient Boosting for Reinforcement Learning in Complex Domains. BibTex
David Abel, Alekh Agarwal, Fernando Diaz, Akshay Krishnamurthy, Robert Schapire.
ICML Workshop on Reinforcement Learning and Abstraction, 2016.

Reinforcement Learning as a Framework for Ethical Decision Making. BibTex
David Abel, James MacGlashan, Michael L. Littman.
AAAI Workshop on AI, Society, & Ethics, 2016.

Affordances as Transferrable Knowledge for Planning Agents. BibTex
Gabriel Barth-Maron, David Abel, James MacGlashan, Stefanie Tellex.
AAAI Symposium on Knowledge and Skill Transfer, 2014.

Toward Affordance-Aware Planning. BibTex
David Abel, Gabriel Barth-Maron, James MacGlashan, Stefanie Tellex.
RSS Workshop on Affordances in Vision for Cognitive Robotics, 2014.

Other Works

Modeling Latent Attention Within Neural Networks. BibTex
Christopher Grimm, Dilip Arumugam, Siddharth Karamcheti, David Abel, Lawson L.S. Wong, Michael L. Littman.
Preprint, 2017.

Learning to Plan in Complex Stochastic Domains. BibTex
David Abel. Advised by Prof. Stefanie Tellex.
Master’s Thesis, Brown University, 2015.


ICML 2018 (Stockholm, Sweden).

AAAI 2018 (New Orleans, LA).

NIPS 2017 (Long Beach, CA).

Information Theory Notes, from Brown's APMA 1710, based on the Cover & Thomas Textbook.